3 Strategies For Winning Chess Games

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The idea of playing chess is to get the opposing King either cornered or captured. This is the way to winning chess games. Checkmate the chess opponents King and try to keep your opponent, “the enemy”, away from checkmating your King.

These three strategies below will prevent one of the beginner chess players most fatal mistakes. Most beginners will try to protect their own King instead of attacking and causing a checkmate situation. Learn how to be more aggressive in winning chess. Defense is good, but winning chess games is better.

For instance, if the King was hemmed in by chess pieces on all sides but one side, you could move your Rook down to cover the hole and checkmate the King. Remember the Rook can only move straight left or right, forward or backward. The Queen or Bishop can cover the diagonal move. The Queen can move all directions which makes her the most useful chess piece.

Another strategy to cause a checkmate in playing chess if your opponent King is surrounded by chess pieces is to use your Knight. Protect your Knight in this position well with either the other Knight or another piece, so that if the Knight is taken, there will be another chess piece ready to take over and therefore winning the chess game. The best way to protect the Knight is to position the Knight so that if it is taken, there will be a hole left leaving room for an automatic checkmate if the opponent moves any of his chess pieces to take the Knight.

One more way to create a checkmate strategy is to single out and box in the King using either both of the Rooks and, or the Queen. This is done by cornering the King with one or both of the Rooks and using the Queen to finish off the game by causing the King to have nowhere to go.

Once you understand the strategies of winning chess games, you will be able to come up with your own strategies. You can even learn to use Pawns to create checkmate situations. We can talk about doing automatic checkmate situations later. Right now, get started.

The King is cornered, surrounded by his Bishop, Rook, Knight and a pawn. There is only one way out for the King and you position your Rook piece in line with the King. This causes a checkmate situation because if the King moves anywhere, none of his men can rescue him. This will depend on where the Knight, Rook and Bishop is positioned, and where the King is. The Knight, Bishop, Rook and Pawn would have to be in a position that they could not protect the King if the King should move so perfect this strategy in several situations before you come up with the perfect win.

Strategy Game Sterility – An Exciting Genre Dumbed Down

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I love strategy video games and in particular military strategy games. I like feeling like I have won a victory through a display of cunning, tactics and careful planning. I also enjoy these building games where you start something from scratch and develop and grow your town/park/hospital, deciding where to point your resources and where to place new creations. I’ve become a little disheartened though, by seeing the same ideas and format reshuffled and re-packaged into new products.

So many of these military building strategy games revolve around deciding how to organise your resources: you decide whether to build military units, buildings, focus on farming or learning new trades. Then you conquer other players if you wish by sending troops to batter away with health bars over their heads. And you eventually win by defeating everybody or acquiring a certain amount of money or building an ultimate something-or-other.

All this is a neat idea but too many games are repeating themselves and I can’t help but feel strategy as a genre has much more to offer. I personally don’t get much sense of achievement from merely amassing a vast number of units and then marching them off to watch them fight amongst themselves with a just one army strength versus another to decipher who wins. It’s nice to watch the game animate all the violence, though I hate the health bars that are so common. They spoil the visuals a bit for me in these instances. But I know there is an enormous amount of strategy in warfare and almost none of this seems to be considered worth tackling. I know these games are meant to be accessible to everybody and you don’t want to be bogged down with too many details and complications but surely, a lot of this can be done automatically.

In the same way a driving game calculates your speed, strength of breaking, surface type, suspension, acceleration, camber etc etc when you thrash your car around the track, why can’t a strategy game keep it’s details under it’s hood. I don’t need to know the numbers being chucked around when I drive, I just get on with it and accept it when I skid around a corner instead of turn. With a strategy game, why not let the player choose how to organise his troops, dictate direction, pace and objectives and then watch it play out with calculations regarding terrain, skill, visibility, weapons etc. so the result is far more rewarding when you see what happens as planned, what didn’t work as you thought it might and what was more successful than you anticipated. This is how you learn, and the more you learn the greater the sense of accomplishment when you win.

More strategy games where it is possible to win against a vastly stronger side if you can outwit your opponent, would be extremely welcome. I would like to see players channeling opponents into advantageous positions, disguising sizes of units, hiding flanking troops, utilising reserves etc. You only have to take a look at some famous historical battles to see how much tactical employment is not being used in games which try to replicate these scenes. I’m not sure I’ve ever played a game where I felt like I had achieved a victory through cunning. What a joy that would be!

And with regards to the building side of things, I think this is generally done much better than the combat, but a lot of games seem to exclude the best bits about this. Something as simple as deciding where things should go can add enormous replay value. If your initial planning is important with accessibility, nearby utilities and use of space having significance, it is great to play it all through again with a slightly more acute idea of where things will go and gradually work towards what you feel works most efficiently. Theme Hospital by Bullfrog is one game that I remember doing this really well. I loved starting again each time, trying to allow for future development in my opening layout of diagnosis rooms, waiting areas and toilets. Another game that comes to mind is Settlers which I had on the Amiga.

The placement of roads was important because you had to make sure your people could transport materials as quickly as possible between building that used them. One of the greatest joys of this game for me was watching everything being acted out and constructed. You could see the lumberjack hack down a tree and carry it on his shoulder down the road to the saw mill and then, after a bit of sawing action, another chap would carry the planks of wood further down the road to a construction site. You would then see your church beams being put up and stonework being applied after that. The visual development was very involving and there were plenty of decisions you had to make to ensure it all ran smoothly.

Really I would like to see a combination of all these things: much more underlying detail, planning and design involved. Settlers Hospital with some kind of war game adaptation with a gradual learning curve. Perfect! I don’t think it would be inaccessible, it just needs a healthily sized manual to explain the maths that go on behind the scenes. That way when you get thrashed on a battlefield you have some reference material to understand why if you can’t work it out yourself.


Best Roulette Winning Strategy

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Roulette is one such game that is been widely popular amongst online gamblers. There is no specific roulette winning strategy to win. A specific strategy to win the game of roulette is still unknown. There are certain rules in roulette that contribute to these winning strategies. They are discussed below, and would help you to improve your winning chances.

The very first rule of the roulette winning strategy consists of ratios. For instance, if you go with $100 in the wallet and think its fine to lose $50, you need to take a mature decision and walk out of the casino or stop betting on the game.

The reason being, you will not have more money to play the game, if you lose the $50 as well. There are higher chances of you losing the remaining money too, if you continue to play the game. It will be a wise decision to go happily with the money that you won.

The second rule of roulette winning strategy is counting the black or red slots. Every column has various black and red slots. Place your bet on the red numbers located on the second and first columns.

If the ball stops on any of the two columns, you stand to win. If it stops on the red colour on any of these two columns, again you win. Next, if the ball stops on the third and red colour column, again you have a chance to win.

These are some of the best winning strategies in the game of roulette.