Lottery Winning Strategy: 3 Insider Secrets to Pick 5!

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Have you ever had a gut feeling that your number combination was the winner and bet it all on that combo? Have you played the same 5 numbers for years with little or no results? Why are you doing this to yourself don’t you want to win?

Of course you do but if you keep on in this matter you will continue to miss out on some sizeable jackpots.You can change your luck and results now. As you read this article you will find out three trade secrets to the pick 5 and how to develop them into a lottery winning strategy.


The winners of this game make it a point to study pass data. The insiders know that with information from the past they can study and determine combination for the future. So to compete you need to get access to at least one year of the past winning pick 5 numbers. Last years data is most preferable. Analyze the numbers look and see if there are repeating numbers to be played in the future.


Play and analyze your results for free for several months before actually putting any money down. The insiders do test runs constantly many times losing out in the short run to win in the long run. The name of the game is to win not just once but consistently this only comes with practice. The best practice is before you actually play the game.


All insiders invest first in their education, willing to change strategies and are open to setting a loss limit on their hunches. The lotto in it’s a design is a game of chance and the insider winners know anything to stack the odds in their favor is just common sense. So there you have it gather data analyze it and get educated in a system that’s your winning strategy. I know you are just as intelligent to follow that. The question is will you do it?

Lotto Winning Strategies – Increasing Your Odds of Winning

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We all dream to win in the numbers game of lotto and in fact, with huge sums of money as jackpot prizes, even the thought of winning the lottery can most likely give you thrills and excitement. You may have thought of getting into the lottery for fun, but of course, if you want to also increase your chances of winning, a few tips and lotto winning strategies can be useful as well.

However, before even thinking about putting all your money and risking them all to a small probability of winning in lotto, it is important that you understand and you know the risks that you are getting yourself into. Like any gambling game, the chances of winning most oftentimes is credited to luck but of course, a few tips and strategies can help you understand the theory behind the number of variations and the probability of getting a good choice of numbers.

Although applying some strategies does not assure you winning the jackpot prize, it will at least help boost your chances of picking up a winning combination. Here are a few tips and lotto winning strategies that you might find useful in your quest to winning in lotto.

Choose your lotto game. There are actually a lot of lotto games that you can choose from. Some have higher jackpot prizes than others but of course, they can also be more difficult to win. If you want to have more winnings, then you may want to go for those games with lower jackpot prizes but allows you to win more. These are usually those with only five or six balls. The lesser the number, the greater is your chances of winning as well.

You can also choose games with lesser number of balls. When deciding where to put your money, you may want to go for those having a lesser number of balls. Some lotto games can have 60 balls and some can have 35, so if you want to increase your odds of winning, go for those with lower number of balls.

Aside from choosing your game, you can also learn a few lotto-winning strategies that will help you pick a good combination of numbers. If you have been playing lotto, you can find a good overview of the numbers that are most likely to come out in a lotto draw. Although the balls in every lotto game is of equal weight and have the same likelihood of being picked up in a draw, you can see some trends on the previous winning numbers and do some analysis on whether your chose numbers are the most picked in the previous draws.

Aside from analyzing previous trends, there are also other lotto-winning strategies such as visualization and using the subconscious to make your goals a reality. Of course, the power of the mind is vast and in fact, it can influence whatever it is that you want to reach in your life as well. Keep in mind though that all these strategies and techniques are not surefire ways to hit that jackpot but it can give you good chances in winning the lottery.


The Right Lottery Winning Strategies

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Lottery is a game where people select a set of numbers and become millionaire depending on how much their choice matches the drawn results. So everyone believes lottery to be a form of gambling or a game of chance. But that’s not true. More than your luck and destiny it depends on the strategy and pattern you use to select the winning numbers. There are ways of selecting the right numbers which have the highest probability of coming in the next draw.

There has been a mathematician who applied these strategies and won the Lotto three times in a row. He had the secret of finding out the lottery code and the winning numbers. His lottery tips and lottery pattern where soon revealed and now you can know how to calculate the winning numbers in an easy way.

Knowing the right lottery pattern surely increases your chances of winning in the game. There are ways of getting the right lottery codes which will work with all of the lottery games. If you happen to be a buyer of lottery in US or anywhere all over the world these tricks will help you pick the right lottery tickets.

Using the lottery strategies and patterns do require a little practicing to find the right numbers. There have been people who used these strategies and won 5 out of 10 times they played. Having these tips will surely improve your game and make you a winner.

You don’t have to be a big scientist or a mathematician to use these tips. Strategies given are easy to follow and improve your game and predict winning numbers at a very rapid pace.

Remember knowing these strategies and lottery secrets will be one of the most easy and successful way of winning the lottery. If you think that winning a lottery game is a big thing of a lifetime then use these strategies and make it a reality in your life.

This winning number search by knowing the right lottery winning strategies will allow you to list the lottery results. Increase your chances of winning by using these strategies of creating the number combinations. So start using this strategy to get the winning numbers and start planning what you want to do with your winnings.